I first met Wendi Nordeck at a school event, when our kids forced us to meet so they could hound us for a playdate. We started chatting and soon discovered we had a bazillion things in common. A friendship, and a partnership, was born. Over the years, Wendi and I have worked together professionally for magazines, as well as on our personal blog, Roux 44.

We both live in Portland, Oregon, where we’re constantly inspired by the ingredients, dishes and people who make life there so delicious. In between our freelance assignments, we treat the blog as a food-focused canvas, painting it with words and pictures so we can share our inspiration with the rest of the world.

At Roux 44 you’ll find recipes I’ve created and the people, places and things we’ve discovered. And Wendi’s gorgeous photography brings it all to life. Pay us a visit and let us know what’s inspiring you.

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